Christina Kang-Yun

Contact information

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
7000 East Avenue, L-452
Livermore, CA 94550

phone: 925 422 3894


Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan, 2021.
M.S. in Bioinformatics, University of Michigan, 2021.
M.S. in Environmental Engineering, Konkuk University, 2015.
B.S. in Environmental Engineering, Konkuk University, 2013.


My research interest is in environmental microbiology, synthetic biology, and bioinformatics, specifically learning the mechanisms of microbial metabolism and interactions for environmental, industrial, and medical applications. I am currently working in projects that involve the use of methylotrophs to separate rare earth elements from waste materials and development of measures to contain genetically engineered microorganisms in the environment post-deployment.


Recent publications

  1. Dershwitz, P., Gu, W., Roche, J., Kang-Yun, C.S., Semrau, J.D., Bobik, T.A., Fulton, B., Zischka, H., DiSpirito, A.A., 2021, "MbnC is not required for the formation of the N-terminal oxazolone in the methanobactin from Methylosinus trichosporium OB3b," Applied and Environmental Microbiology, doi: 10.1128/AEM.01841-21.

  2. Peng, P., Kang-Yun, C.S., Chang, J., Gu, W., DiSpirito, A.A., Semrau, J.D., 2021, "Two TonB-dependent transporters in Methylosinus trichosporium OB3b are responsible for uptake of different forms of methanobactin and are involved in the canonical 'copper switch'," Applied and Environmental Microbiology,  doi: 10.1128/AEM.01793-21. Selected as "Spotlight" article.

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