Jennifer Chlebek, Postdoctoral Researcher

Contact information

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
7000 East Avenue, L-452
Livermore, CA 94550



Ph.D. in Microbiology, Indiana University, 2021.
B.S. in Biology, Illinois Wesleyan University, 2016.


My research interests span the fields of microbiology, genetics, synthetic biology, biochemistry, and environmental microbiology. Current projects include genetically engineering bacteria for the development of biocontainment strategies for environmental release and enhancing the genetic tractability of environmental microbes.

Recent publications

  1. Couser E, Chlebek JL, Dalia AB (2021). Retraction ATPase motors are promiscuous among type IVa pilus systems. In revision at Journal of Bacteriology. preprint doi:

  2. Chlebek JL, Denise R, Craig L, Dalia AB (2021). Type IV pili share a conserved mechanism of motor-independent retraction that is inherent to the structure of the pilus filament. PNAS. doi:

  3. Chlebek JL, Biais N, Dalia AB (2021). Fresh extension of Vibrio cholerae competence type IV pili predisposes them for motor-independent retraction. Applied Environmental Microbiology. doi:

  4. Dalia TN, Chlebek JL, Dalia AB (2020). A modular chromosomally integrated toolkit for ectopic gene expression in Vibrio cholerae. Scientific Reports. doi:

  5. Floyd KA, Lee CK, Xian W, Nametalla M, Valentine A, Criar B, Zhu S, Hughes H, Chlebek JL, Wu DC, Park JH, Ellison CK, Brun Y, Campos-Gomez J, Dalia AB, Liu J, Biais N, Wong GCL, Yildiz FH (2020). c-di-GMP modulates type IV MSHA pilus retraction and surface attachment in Vibrio cholerae. Nature Communications. doi:

  6. Ellison CK, Kan J, Chlebek JL, Hummels KR, Panis G, Viollier PH, Biais N, Dalia AB, Brun YV (2019). A bifunctional ATPase drives tad pilus extension and retraction. Science Advances. doi:

  7. Haycocks JRJ, Warren GZL, Walker LM, Chlebek JL, Dalia TN, Dalia AB, Grainger DC (2019). The quorum sensing transcription factor AphA directly regulates natural competence in Vibrio cholerae. PLoS Genetics. doi:

  8. Chlebek JL, Hughes HQ, Ratkiewicz AS, Rayyan R, Wang JC-Y, Herrin BE, Dalia TN, Biais N, Dalia AB (2019). PilT and PilU are homohexameric ATPases that coordinate to retract type IVa pili. PLoS Genetics. doi: