Tiffany Halvorsen

Contact information

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
7000 East Avenue, L-452
Livermore, CA 94550
phone: 925 583 3515


Ph.D. in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2020
B.S. in Biology, Northern Arizona University, 2014


I am interested in leveraging inter-bacterial and host-microbe interactions to create engineered functions in bacteria, thereby expanding the technological capabilities of microbial synthetic biology. My current efforts are focused on building genetic kill switch circuits for bio-containment of plant-beneficial bacteria in the rhizosphere. 


Recent publications

  1. Halvorsen, T.M., Garza-Sánchez, F., Ruhe, Z.C., Bartelli, N.L., Chan, N.A., Nguyen, J.Y., Low, D.A. and Hayes, C.S., 2021. Lipidation of Class IV CdiA Effector Proteins Promotes Target Cell Recognition during Contact-Dependent Growth Inhibition. Mbio .

  2. Wäneskog, M., Halvorsen, T., Filek, K., Xu, F., Hammarlöf, D.L., Hayes, C.S., Braaten, B.A., Low, D.A., Poole, S.J. and Koskiniemi, S., 2021. Escherichia coli EC93 deploys two plasmid-encoded class I contact-dependent growth inhibition systems for antagonistic bacterial interactions. Microbial genomics.